Three days in March

Earlier this year I started trying to keep a journal of shipped work. The habit didn’t stick but I did hang on to this list from what felt like a particularly productive three-day week in early March. It’s a good sample of the breadth of work I’m responsible for right now, and I’m enjoying the variety.

(This could also be a testament to the idea that shorter work weeks don’t necessarily result in lower output.)

Design system

  • Added a skeleton loader component to our design system; coded the ViewComponent, created the Figma component, and wrote design guidelines and technical documentation
  • Deprecated the large variant of buttons from our design system and app; there were only a handful of instances and no foreseeable use cases for the future


  • Began documenting decisions and open questions resulting from ongoing conversations about how we could/should/will expand our Rails-based design system into Vue
  • Paired with a product designer to fine-tune the implementation of a new feature in code


  • Updated in-app integration logos for companies that have rebranded and converted all of our in-app integration logos from PNG to SVG for smaller file sizes and better display
  • Exported and optimised a designer’s new illustrations and added them to the reusable illustration library in our codebase

Bug fixes

  • Mobbed Ensemble programmed with a designer and engineer to diagnose and fix a bug where SVGs with height and width attributes weren’t scaling up when CSS classes said they should; followed up by shipping retroactive fixes to other SVGs that included those attributes
  • Fixed a bug where a dropdown menu was taller than the height of its page’s container and other content, but the container had overflow: auto applied, resulting in an undesirable inner scrollbar

Open source

  • Contributed a minor change to MDN’s HTML elements documentation to mark the hgroup element as deprecated
  • Started a public repo for email marketing logos to save myself or others the hassle of having to track down or create all of those vector logos again in the future
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