Dylan Smith

TIL: Commit messages, SCSS in custom properties, and propagating Monstera

A few things I learned during a trying day at work.

  1. Using emoji in a commit message will fuck up pre-2020 versions of TeamCity and hold up your team’s entire build queue.
  2. You can amend a commit message. GitHub has a handy guide.
  3. People like tweets about the frustrations and mistakes of being a developer. Relatable content.
  4. If you want to use the result of an SCSS function as the value of a CSS custom property, you need to interpolate it like --heading-size: #{fontSize(large)};. Otherwise the variable will be set to the uncomputed, raw string you entered.
  5. You can clip a Monstera at the node below an aerial root and leave it in water to propagate.
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