Telling a company they suck won’t get you hired

Spend enough time around freelancers and someone will ponder a variation of this brilliant sales tactic: “Have you ever reached out to a company to tell them their [web/product/email][design/development/marketing] sucks and to offer your services?”

This is a numbers game and the odds are stacked against you. Here are some possible outcomes, listed from most to least likely:

  • Think think you’re an asshole
  • They don’t value what you’re selling
  • They don’t have the budget
  • They already have someone and don’t care what you think about their work
  • They consider your concerns but shop around for another freelancer or agency
  • You win the lottery
  • They hire you

The ideal client values your discipline, knows what it costs, and is ready to buy. Two out of three ain’t bad. Each box they don’t tick is one more obstacle between you and a contract — in addition to convincing them that you’re the person they should hire.

Make it easy on yourself. Chase qualified leads.

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