Dylan Smith

Living Litmus values

🚨 Self-indulgence warning 🚨

Litmus recently celebrated our annual “Living Litmus” awards, where employees nominate their peers as recognition for exhibiting our company values.

This being my first one, I was pleasantly surprised to have been nominated for the “collaborate with bias to action” and “take it to heart” categories, and be named one of four winners of the former.

It’s one thing to know the commitment and high standards I bring to work, but another thing completely to have that explicitly acknowledged and appreciated by a wide-ranging group of my colleagues. Here’s what they had to say.

Staff Software Engineer:

Dylan is always striving to do the best for both our customers and everyone on the product team. He has recently taken on leading the frontend working group. He is passionate about sharing his knowledge with the team and even jumping into work in progress across teams to help make the app look the best it can.

He goes above and beyond with his efforts to make collaboration between design and engineering the best it can be by doing things like working on polishing up our in-app design system, researching our analytics on screen sizes to be able to best accommodate all users, and always being generous with his time if anyone needs his assistance to name a few.

UX Researcher:

I am nominating Dylan for the “Take It to Heart” Living Litmus Values award because he consistently pushes the Design, Product and Engineering teams to do the right thing, not just the easy thing. He keeps us on our toes by questioning the product and design teams’ plans.

He pays a lot of attention to research and other feedback from our customers, and obviously wants to do right by them. And he is effective and impactful, making lots of Jira tickets and using his strong voice to encourage the Mavericks to follow through on ideas that might otherwise be forgotten or de-prioritized.

Senior Product Designer:

Dylan has stormed into Litmus with ideas, questions, and solutions, sharing a hundred articles a day. He‘s been great at spearheading the work on Litmus Design System, he‘s been amazing at documenting design processes, he‘s been genuinely caring about the team since he joined.

Customer Support Associate:

Dylan regularly goes above and beyond to follow up on questions and feedback from customers and other teams, posting long explainers on Slack and making sure improvements happen as soon opportunities come up. Recently, he mentioned an accessibility checker script he had written some time ago. Within about ten days, he‘d added it into the Litmus codebase.

Senior Software Engineer:

Dylan constantly makes his voice heard to steer the team to make the right, ethical decision. Something that even vaguely resembles a dark pattern on the web? He will raise a red flag. He also led the charge in subtle changes such as removing the terms “blacklist,” “whitelist,” and “grandfathering” from our application and replacing them with inclusive terms.

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