It’s one thing to feel sad for the impossibly rich and powerful man who lived a long, fulfilling life of racism while you footed his bill, but imagine admitting it publicly?
09 Apr 2021
If you’re just staring at your screen with no energy or focus, go take a nap or call it a day. The work will be there for you on Monday.
09 Apr 2021
Spent the day on proper product design after three months deep into design system and frontend work. Happy to report that I’ve still got it.
08 Apr 2021
Sometimes it feels like half my job is going around replacing 10 divs and 100 lines of CSS with 3 semantic elements and 10 lines of CSS.
07 Apr 2021
Opening my eyes to collaboration as a buy-in tool. “We’ll reach the same conclusion whether I do it alone or we do it as a group, but the group will accept it more easily if they feel like they’ve contributed.”
07 Apr 2021
Anti-pattern of burgeoning design systems: Letting design improvements get in the way of componentising and documenting what you already have. A perfect component isn’t as good as the one you can use today and improve centrally later.
07 Apr 2021
I’ve come to realise that my happiness at work is directly proportional to how often I ship to production. This seems... not great.
06 Apr 2021
If this works, I've successfully tweeted from my own website.
04 Apr 2021