Dylan Smith

Design audit & report

Highly actionable feedback in a fixed-price package

About the package

This is a top-to-bottom design review, delivering an actionable list of improvements you can make to improve your product, app, website, or email designs right away.

The audit will cover the entire spectrum, including:

  • Visual design
  • User experience
  • Accessibility
  • Microcopy
  • Design systems and consistency

Who it’s for

This package is for you if:

  • You don’t have a dedicated designer and it shows; you want your hard work represented by top-tier look, feel, and results
  • You have a designer, but things are lacking a certain je ne sais quoi and you can’t quite figure out where you’re missing the mark
  • You’ve been building away but the whole is somehow lesser than the sum of its parts; you need someone to look at your designs holistically with fresh eyes
  • You’ve been spinning your tires or ignoring issues and need a burst of energy and pointed guidance

My perspective will be especially valuable for digital products and apps, but also useful for marketing websites, onboarding flows, and email flows or templates.

What’s included

You’ll get a document including critique down to the smallest details; highly actionable feedback; practical suggestions for iterative changes; real-world references; and a prioritised list of the highest impact improvements.

I may include screenshots, visual mockups, sketches, or video recordings as necessary. Share the document with your team, stakeholders, or developers to get moving on improvements right away.

(I have to stop short of making the changes for you.)

About me

I’m a product and design system designer/developer currently working on developer tools at GitHub.

I led design and engineering of the product design system at Litmus, where I also designed email production features, QA tools, and a new trial and onboarding experience.

I worked on collaborative email production and design system tools at Taxi for Email (acquired by MessageBird) as their first design hire, delivering a broad platform redesign along the way.

Earlier in my career, I freelanced for startups, agencies, and Fortune 500s, during which I was featured by media and brands (such as Mailchimp) for my design expertise. I’ve also been an admin of the Email Geeks Slack community, a 20,000+ member community at the heart of the email industry, since 2016.

How it works

A one-time payment of $2,000 USD reserves your spot on my calendar. I’ll reach out within one business day to learn more about your situation and collect some info. Current turnaround time is two weeks for the full report.

Still have questions? Send me an email.

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